Willem van Oranje Lodge No 3976


A brief account of some of the proceedings of the Lodge from the             75th to the 100th Year

Given by Bro Garry Procter with assistance from many.

The 75th Anniversary was celebrated with an installation meeting when W Bro Ron Piper was installed as Worshipful Master for the ensuing year on 28th November 1992.

The 75th Anniversary meeting was a splendid affair with many distinguished Freemasons from the English and Dutch constitutions present.

We were honoured with the presence of Grand Officers, Provincial Grand Officers and brethren of various ranks.  (46 visitors )

The brethren were treated to a re-enactment of the foundation of the lodge which was performed in an excellent manner by members of the lodge. The ‘play’ centred about the inception of the lodge and its subsequent consecration which took place in the Temple of the Grand East of the Netherlands at the Hague on 6th July 1918.

The meeting was followed in the evening with a special festive board at The New Connaught Rooms (Edinburgh Room).

Willem Van Oranje Lodge has a most interesting history stemming from the unique way it was founded, through 2 world wars to the present day. The spirt of the founder members is kept alive by the current members.

The current membership ranges from 34 to 80 years old proving that Freemasonry provides brotherly love regardless of age. Younger brethren are happy to respect the experience of our more senior members while the senior members are pleased to share their knowledge. Every member is made to feel welcome without exception. Indeed, at my initiation I recall W Bro. Colin Christian speaking to me at my first festive board. “Today, you have gained 40 new friends”. I have never forgotten these words and when I have attended initiations subsequently I have passed them on to Freemasons taking their first steps in the craft.

In recent years the lodge has continued to grow steadily. The lodge relies on regeneration of members and we look to the younger brethren to perpetuate the lodge, keeping its traditions alive in the honour of our founders and to keep safe the lodge in general.

The Centenary Year has seen the Lodge’s very own Grand Officer take the Chair of King Solomon to guide the Lodge through this special year for both him and the lodge. Bill will be Celebrating 50 years in Freemasonry in December 2018 therefore, it is very fitting that our Worshipful Master for this very special anniversary is                                                     

    W Bro William (Bill) Whiter PAG.SIB. PZ





Current List of Members

W Bro William Whiter PAG.SIB.PZ

W Bro Phillip Butler PPGSwdB (Worcs)

Bro Steve Simons

Bro Garry Procter

W Bro Roy Target LGR.PZ

W Bro Keith Stanbury SLGR

W Bro Steven Payne LGR

W Bro Steven Hastings

W Bro David Fiddy LGR. PPGSB (Norfolk)

W Bro Neal Hrachovec

W Bro Nick Fennings-Mills SLGR. PPGSwd B (Essex)

Bro Paul Horwood

W Bro James Fiddy

W Bro Stephen Target

Bro Graham Townsend

Bro Phillip Hall

Bro Kevin Doughty

W Bro Sir Roy Malin P.Dist. G.S.W (Gibraltar)

W Bro Anthony Bruce

W Bro Terry Aldridge

Bro Paul Hrachovec

W Bro Colin Christian Snr

W Bro Vic Howton

W Bro Colin Christian Jnr

 Bro Robert Satt

 Bro John Satt

W Bro Christian Johansen

W Bro Tony English

Bro Warren Jones

Bro Brian Cochrane

Bro Paul Horwood

W Bro Stephen Prior

W Bro Martin McVeigh

Bro David Clissold

Honorary Members





In speculative Freemasonry a Lewis is the son of a Freemason who joins the fraternity. As an analogy it is commonly meant that the father raised (levatum) the son into position to take his place as part of the structure of Freemasonry.

Interestingly in descriptions of how ancient operative masons lifted the objects into place it is said that additional strapping is used to prevent a bump into scaffolding that would temporarily take some of the friction away causing the stone to fall before it could be placed. Extending the analogy of the Lewis in regard to speculative masons, the straps could be viewed as other members in the lodge who assist in the raising of the new stone into place.

The Lewis (son of a Freemason) is called such," because it is his duty to support the sinking powers and aid the failing strength of his father, or, "to bear the burden and heat of the day, that his parent may rest in their old age, thus rendering the evening of their lives peaceful and happy."

By the Constitutions of England, a Lewis or son of a Mason may be initiated at the age of eighteen, while it is required of all other candidates that they shall have arrived at the more mature age of twenty-one. The Book of Constitutions had prescribed that no lodge should make "any man under the age of twenty-one years, unless by a dispensation from the Grand Master or his Deputy." The Grand Lodge of England, in its modern regulations, has availed itself of the license allowed by this dispensing power, to confer the right of an earlier initiation on the sons of Masons.

Willem Van Oranje - Lewis’.

W Bro. David Fiddy              -           W Bro James Fiddy

W Bro Colin Christian Snr   -           W Bro Colin Christian Jnr

W Bro Roy Target                -           W Bro Steven Target

W Bro Peter Hrachovec        -           W Bro Neal Hrachovec         - Bro Paul Hrachovec

Bro Robert Satt                     -           Bro John Satt



Some anecdotes from Recent Years

Colin Christian

During an installation meeting festive board at The Imperial Hotel, London W Bro Colin Christian received an unusual challenge. The final course of the meal consists of various deserts including a splendid gateau. On this occasion it was a rather large Black Forest Cherry gateau topped with whipped cream.

The gauntlet was thrown down for Colin to ‘face dive’ the gateau for £20. Colin saw the opportunity to make some serious money for charity declaring that the challenge was accepted providing the brethren dug deep. The stage was set, the gateau was placed in the centre of the room and money was thrown into to the pot. With a deep breath Colin plunged his face into the gateau. It was a sight to behold as Colin stood upright with just the whites of his eyes peering through the Chocolate, Cherry and whipped cream mess.

The stunt raised £140 for charity and much respect for Colin.